Site Improvement Spotlight: A.C.E. helps Wisconsin Nationwide, Inc. keep on trucking

Wisconsin Nationwide, Inc., Two Rivers WI | A.C.E. Building Service, Manitowoc WI
Wisconsin Nationwide, Inc., Two Rivers WI


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A.C.E’s site improvement work with Wisconsin Nationwide, Inc. in Two Rivers has helped fuel the company’s mission of moving product through the state, Midwest and 48 contiguous states.

A.C.E. began working with Wisconsin Nationwide several years ago to craft a master site plan for future growth and expansion. Phase 1, which was completed in spring 2015, provided an expanded area for truck trailer parking, allowing the company to grow its fleet.

The project was not as straightforward as it appeared at first glance, however, entailing numerous approvals and design hurdles. With Stuart Johnson, P.E., leading the project design and implementation, A.C.E. obtained all the approvals required by both the City of Two Rivers and the Department of Natural Resources for the project’s go-ahead. “We are able to handle all of the applications and approvals from the required departments and agencies, which makes the process easy for our clients. They have one source of responsibility, one point of contact, and we take it from there,” said Herzog.

Not surprisingly, this project is the fifth one Wisconsin Nationwide has done in partnership with A.C.E. Vice President Scott DeRosier credits A.C.E.’s manner of doing business with the longevity of their relationship. “It really goes back to the days with Ron Schwalbe, who was the most sincere, honest and generous person you’d ever meet,” said DeRosier. “We built a relationship with him and A.C.E. over the years, and it made sense to go directly to them with this project.”

DeRosier said working with Herzog and A.C.E. as a whole allowed him to stay focused on the company’s business rather than the “moving parts that come with a project like this. We have too many other things going on day to day in our business,” he said.

Site Improvement Spotlight: A.C.E. helps Wisconsin Nationwide, Inc. keep on truckingA.C.E.’s mindfulness of the future was a welcome relief with this project as well. Wisconsin Nationwide’s original office building was NOT an A.C.E. project, which has caused more than a few bellyaches over the years, said DeRosier. By working collaboratively with A.C.E., DeRosier was able to define the full layout of the company’s land and future projects in anticipation of future expansions.

“We are planning so that five, 10 and 15 years from now, we don’t have to redo things. That is what happened with our original building, which was built for aesthetics and not centered properly,” he said. “This project is laid out to serve our needs today, and as we move forward and do expansions, it will be seamless.”

One great example of that is the storm water management with the master plan, which is oversized to accommodate future expansion. “The contractor was there, the equipment was there, so why not take advantage of that and today’s construction pricing in anticipation of the future,” said Herzog. “It made sense and our client agreed.”

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