Bring on the rain at Holiday House!

Holiday House, Manitowoc WI | Reroof Case Study | A.C.E. Building Service, Manitowoc Wisconsin
Holiday House with new Butler MR-24 roof system installed.


With new MR-24 roof, leaks are a thing of the past

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It was the first rain after Holiday House received its new roof, and Dennis Grabowski, director of building, grounds and maintenance, was busily running around the building searching for leaks. The action was more out of habit then need, as Dennis found absolutely no leakage in the Manitowoc-based facility.

Though he hadn’t expected to find any; it was a huge relief after all they had been through for the past several years. “We’d had the same roof since 1967 and it was in pretty bad shape. Every time it rained it would leak somewhere, but we couldn’t always figure out the source. We patched as we could through the years, but it was time.”

Holiday House executive director Tom Keil agrees: “We were reaching the point of either buying everyone rain coats and umbrellas or doing something with the roof,” he joked. “We knew that soon it would start ruining parts of our building beyond repair, and we had stretched it out as long as we could.”

So in 2013 Holiday House made the decision to install a new roof. They evaluated all options, but it was A.C.E. Building Service’s MR-24 standing seam metal roof that won out.

“We didn’t want to go piece meal,” says Dennis. “We decided to recover the entire roof, and not with coating or a rubber roof. Our roof was so old we felt it would be best to put a whole new metal roof over it, to provide more support over the entire building.”

A.C.E.’s MR-24 metal roof, manufactured by Butler, is becoming more and more popular as companies look to replace an old roof with a long-lasting solution. The system offers a continuous, single-skin metal roof that quickly goes over an existing roof, without interrupting business below. The roof also comes with additional fiberglass blanket insulation, to help reduce energy costs as well. It was these benefits that sold Holiday House.

“We knew the roof would be independent of what was underneath it; not reliant. I also liked the fasteners that were built into it that expanded or contracted with the roof,” states Dennis. Plus, he adds, they have a long-standing relationship with A.C.E. and knew they would get excellent service. It was an easy decision to make.

Right on schedule, A.C.E. installed the MR-24 system over the building’s current roof without needing to tear off existing materials. The re-roof added 3 inches of insulation, improving the thermal performance of the building. A.C.E. was also able to complete the 23,640-square-foot re-roof project with no disruption to the day-to-day operations of Holiday House, which offers programs and services that promote the advancement and dignity of individuals who are affected by disability or handicapping circumstances.

As promised, Holiday House hasn’t had a drop of rain in the building since the new roof was installed, even withstanding the huge hail storm in Spring 2103. “We are extremely satisfied with the new roof,” comments Tom. “The project went so smoothly, and A.C.E. is a pleasure to work with. They have excellent workmanship; great communication and always had answers to our questions, even before we asked them. It is a great value for the expenditure we made and will keep our building in shape for years to come!”

Butler's MR-24 Metal Re-Roof System

Holiday House, Manitowoc WI | Reroof Case Study | A.C.E. Building Service, Manitowoc Wisconsin
Holiday House roof before new Butler MR-24 roof system was added.

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