A.C.E. Building Service marks 40 years as Butler Builder

Date: July 23, 2013
Contact: Doug Schwalbe, (920) 682-6105

A.C.E. Building Service became an authorized “Butler Builder” in July of 1973, and this year marks 40 years of high quality pre-engineered metal building construction. A.C.E., which is located in Manitowoc and serves all of the Lakeshore area, has been recognized with numerous sales volume and other service awards from the nation’s metal building leader.

Butler Manufacturing Company manufactures rigid steel framed structures that are known for fast delivery and erection, long low-maintenance life, and lower cost than conventional steel structures. The cornerstone of Butler’s many features is a roof system developed by their own research and development team. The MR-24 standing seam metal roof system, developed by Butler in 1969, revolutionized the metal roof industry. MR-24 roofs installed by A.C.E. back in the early 70’s are still going strong today due to a well engineered and time tested system that accommodates movement from thermal expansion and contraction. A.C.E. has furnished and installed over 3 million square feet of Butler’s MR-24 roof over the last 40 years.

Doug Schwalbe, project developer at .C.E. Building Service, says that “Butler Buildings account for approximately 75 percent of our new commercial construction. Our customers recognize the need for a long lasting, efficient, and cost effective structure to do business in. Butler buildings are so flexible now that a complete customization can take place during the design phase. Stone, glass, brick, and other natural features can be used as an exterior finish. This allows our clients to take full advantage of the metal building’s large span capability and superior roof system while making their own architectural statement.”

According to Stan Johnson, President of A.C.E. Building Service, “We have a good relationship with Butler. They keep the innovations coming and we implement them into our designs. As long as they keep putting out their high quality system at a fair price we will be Butler builders.”

Incorporated in 1963, A.C.E. Building Service is –located in Manitowoc and provides commercial and industrial construction services – including new buildings, expansions, renovations, metal re-roof, facilities maintenance, design/build, and build/lease – to Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties


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