Issue #1, 2013: Special A.C.E. 50th Anniversary issue!


Celebrating 50 years of commercial & industrial construction

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A.C.E. Building Service is proud and excited to announce that 2013 marks our 50th year as an incorporated business! Hard to believe, but we have been providing quality building solutions for five decades. Our storied history first began in 1950, when Alan Charles Eberhardt (notice the initials?!) founded A.C.E. Building Service as an offshoot of A.C.E. Agricultural Supply Co. It was 1963 when A.C.E. officially became incorporated, and the rest, as they say, is history! Watch throughout the year for special events and celebrations to mark this momentous occasion for A.C.E. … and thanks for making it all possible for us to still be here and thriving today!

Thank you!
As we reflect back on the past 50 years, we realize we couldn’t have done it without YOU. So we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our customers … employees … vendors … subcontractors … suppliers … and everyone else, past or present, who has been a part of our success. Thank you for helping us build our communities! We look forward to our continued partnerships for the next 50 years and beyond!

Key moments in A.C.E.’s history …

Allen C. Eberhardt founds A.C.E. Building Service
as an offshoot of A.C.E. Agricultural Supply Co.

A.C.E. incorporates and begins to outgrow agri- cultural roots.

A.C.E. becomes a Butler® builder of pre-engineered metal buildings.

Ron Schwalbe and Jim Steuer purchase company from Al Eberhardt. A focus on design/ build projects in the private sector is established.

A.C.E. builds and occupies its new facility at 3510 S. 26th Street in Manitowoc, allow- ing them to serve a larger geographical area, through- out Northeast Wisconsin.

A.C.E. builds signature projects such as Burger Boat, Time Out Sports Bar & Grill, and Stecker Machine in Manitowoc.

Ron Schwalbe steps down as president of A.C.E. Stan Johnson and Bill Shimek join Jim Steuer in ownership of the company.

A.C.E. celebrates 50 years of industrial and commercial building.

What was life like back in 1963?
• Touch-tone telephones are introduced.
• FM radio is now available for cars.
• President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas; two days later, his accused killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, is shot and killed by Jack Ruby
• Beatlemania sweeps England
• Martin Luther King Jr delivers his “I have a dream” speech
• US postal service institutes (Zone Improvement Plan) zip code
• A gallon of gas was .25¢
• Average yearly income: $5,623; Minimum wage $1.25
• 1st class postage stamp: .05¢
• Pay phone (local call): .10¢
• Hershey bar: .05¢

History of A.C.E. Building Service
(left to right) Architect, Gene Maloney, A.C.E. founder, Allen Charles Eberhardt,
past A.C.E. president, Ron Schwalbe and estimator Mike Virnoche
discussing a new project circa 1969
History of A.C.E. Building Service, Inc., early construction


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