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Denmark State Bank, Denmark WI


Where Community Pride Runs Deep

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In a world where financial mergers, bank buyouts and closings are common, it’s refreshing to find a bank where decisions are made locally … where everyone knows your name … and where community pride still runs deep. A bank like Denmark State Bank.

Based in Denmark and with locations in Green Bay, Reedsville, Whitelaw, Maribel and Wrightstown, they are a full-service COMMUNITY bank … a role they don’t take lightly. “We understand the importance of our success to the local economy. Our entire staff is committed to our communities and the revitalization of the local economic landscape. Ours is a story that as shareholders we have all helped create, and one in which we take pride,” says bank president Jill Feiler.

She adds that their commitment is about more than the many monetary donations they make to local non-profit organizations. “We don’t just write a check, we are involved, we are committed and we are part of the communities that we live in. It’s what we do … every single day.”

But don’t confuse community bank with “small.” Denmark State Bank is in the enviable position of being a hometown bank able to offer all the products and services of a large financial institution. According to Jill, this is win/win for their customers, who receive the best of both worlds … including local decision making. “our decisions are made right here in northeastern Wisconsin. We do not give our customers a 1-800 number because we don’t have one!”

The bank has also embraced emerging technologies such as online banking and online billpay; which has changed how – and where – people do their banking. For example, Jill notes that their lobby traffic continues to decline on an annual basis. “We know we will still need banking facilities; however, the look and size of our buildings will continue to evolve. We no longer need the large lobbies of the past.”

This shift has caused them to continually evaluate their physical space needs … and to turn to A.C.E. Building Service for assistance in ensuring they operate as efficiently as possible while best serving customer needs.

Bill Shimek of A.C.E. Building Service has worked closely with Denmark State Bank through the years and witnessed the changes in the banking industry. “With banking evolving, less physical space is being required by facilities, and that is what we are doing for Denmark. The drive-thru areas are staying the same size, but the required interior space has been downsized and made more efficient. Offices are being relocated to areas that make it easier for them to watch both teller and drive-thru lines and assist fellow employees as they service the customer’s needs.” He highlighted their recent renovation projects at Denmark State Bank:

• Maribel: Renovated the existing building to create a more efficient and customer friendly facility, including a new main entrance to the bank and teller line. The remainder of the building is being used for tenant space.

• Wrightstown: Renovated the existing building to create more efficient and customer friendly space, including a new main entrance to the bank, teller line, manager’s office, employee’s entrance and parking lot expansion. The remainder of building was set-up for a specific client and leased out immediately.

• Denmark: A complete interior renovation of the bank’s existing 11,000-square-foot facility is currently underway, including the addition of private office space and a newly configured teller line to maximize efficiency within the building’s existing footprint. The expansion is being done in six
phases to minimize disruption to the bank and its customers, with completion of all phases slated for fall.

“ACE has been a terrific partner on our remodeling needs,” says Jill. “We chose them because they are a local contractor who provides a great service at an acceptable price. They utilize local subcontractors, which helps to revitalize our local economy. They have been a pleasure to work with on all three of our projects. We work very well together.”

As for the future? “We understand that the future contains some uncertainties. The local economic recovery continues to be slow. Our regulatory environment will continue to be costly and challenging.
But we believe our future is strong at Denmark State Bank because we are focused on asset quality, staff development, growth and technology to deliver our strategic plan and ensure success. This makes us well positioned to take advantage of the growth opportunities in Northeastern Wisconsin as we prepare for the next chapter.”

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